Are your sales numbers about to flatline?

It may be time to check the pulse of your sales team. Take a few minutes to answer each of the following 10 questions as honestly as you can. Choose "Yes" if you feel the question affects your team, "No" if you feel the question does NOT affect your team.

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Some of the salespeople on my team spend too much time preparing to contact prospects and clients and not enough time actually contacting them.

Some of the salespeople on my team could be more productive if they were willing to use the telephone more often for the purpose of promoting our products and services.

Some of the salespeople on my team consistently pass up opportunities to ask for referrals.

Some of the salespeople on my team are uneasy contacting clients or prospects because they feel that consistently promoting yourself or your products is not respectable or proper.

Some individuals on my sales team feel like they are intruding or imposing on others when they contact them for relationship-building or sales purposes.

Some of the salespeople on my team are comfortable in one-on-one sales situations, but become very nervous when they are required to give a sales presentation to a group.

Some salespeople on my team are more at ease when they are engaged in building relationships with potential customers, but struggle to close a sale.

Some salespeople on my team seem to avoid promoting products or services to people who have a high level of authority and influence.

Some salespeople on my team feel that it is unprofessional to contact family or friends for the purpose of making a sales call or engage in networking activities.

It is difficult for some salespeople on my team to regularly make cold calls.