BSRP workshops are designed to help you recognize unproductive behavior patterns on your sales teams so you can focus on achieving measurable, bottom-line results.

In our Highly Rated Workshops, you’ll:

  • Learn how to eliminate sales-restrictive behaviors to produce positive change for your sales team.

  • Be able to detect sales-resistant behaviors in current salespeople as well as potential sales candidates.

  • Become accredited to implement and interpret the SPQ*GOLD®/Full Spectrum Advocacy™ assessment tool.

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Power Up Your Sales Workshop

The Power Up Your Sales Workshop is designed by behavioral scientists and validated by pre/post workshop studies. Real science that gives you real results.

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Advanced Management Training

Learn to identify sales-restrictive behaviors in others and how to apply corrective techniques that promote sustained behavior change. 

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BSRP Sales Visionary    Club

Our exclusive Sales Visionary Club equips companies and sales trainers with the tools to align people, positions and resources that help people thrive.

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