Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. (BSRP) is a small organization with a large international reach. Recognized worldwide for the quality of our craft, we have successfully married good science with meaningful business applications. For us, research isn’t a hobby, it’s our lifestyle.

Known worldwide as the original source of ground-breaking discoveries about how fear inhibits individuals’ abilities to make themselves visible, or Call Reluctance in salespeople, BSRP has developed a variety of behaviorally anchored assessments and training interventions to assist in the hiring process and to help today’s professional “Earn What They’re Worth.” We’ve moved beyond broad-spectrum personality reports that generally describe who an individual IS, to focus instead on what an individual DOES and what you are likely to observe your prospective new hire DOING after accepting your offer of employment. Focusing on behaviors we can see rather than subjective labels like “outgoing” or “hunter/gatherer” allows us to evaluate individuals against key performance indicators that are important to the organizations we serve. In other words…we MEASURE WHAT MATTERS™!

Core Applications

Since the founding of our organization in 1979, we have been exploring how fear influences behavior at work.  Our specialties are

  1. Developing objective means to identify barriers to business development and self-promotion, and
  2. Adapting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) behavior change techniques to quickly and effectively minimize or remove these barriers

Core Values

Although we enjoy a worldwide reputation for our unique offerings and commitment to science, that wouldn’t be the case without our first-class team.  When you call BSRP during business hours, you won’t hear a painfully long menu of confusing options. Instead, you’ll be speaking to one of the finest and most caring people you’ll ever encounter. Our staff and professional associates embody the things we value most:

  • Respect ~ We will treat our Licensees, clients, partners, each other, and our testing and training participants with care and respect.
  • Innovation ~ We will stay connected with appropriate scientific communities, both inside and outside our discipline, to enable us to deliver unique and valuable products.
  • Commitment ~ We will dedicate ourselves to guiding our customers to a solution that works best for them, even if it doesn’t result in a sale.

BSRP testing and training applications are used in a wide variety of industries and settings. We would be honored to speak to you to see if we could help you and your team “Earn What You’re Worth”.

Lets Talk!